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Thomas Shaffer
Internship Coordinator
125F Eiche Library
Phone: 814-949-5789
Fax: 814-949-5456

Student Engagement Network Grant Program

The Student Engagement Network student grants application window for summer 2018 is closed. Grant applications for fall 2018 and spring 2019 will be accepted August 17 through August 31. For more information, please visit the SEN program web site.

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  • Tuesday, May 1, 2018
    Public Works Department, City of Altoona

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Featured Internship

Public Works Department, City of Altoona

The City of Altoona Department of Public Works is looking for two college student interns. Inventories of physical attributes need to be collected to better assist the city in asset management and preventative maintenance and inspections. Student-interns will primarily work outdoors with a data collector, recording the locations of regulatory signs, street poles, light fixtures, and handicapped access ramps. They will select from a pre-determined item menu on the collector that has been set up by City staff. On rain days, the students will download the data they collect and manipulate it, saving it digitally. The students may also help set up processes and train on our Municipal Information System (BS&A). Pay will be Min Wage, 830-430 M-FR 40 hours per week. There would also be a chance for carry over part-time work throughout the school year.

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